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When the Neighborhood is Dark - Do Nothing

A Municipal, Urban 
& Rural Energy Provider
Energy Resources Trust
The Power of the 
Sun, Wind, Water, Earth --

Information and services for your energy needs

Own your own electricity power plant, at home.

We determine what you need, or can use,
to improve your energy consumption,
and your independence & reliabilty of energy supply.

You can make your own electricity 
for about 1/4 to 1/8 of what you will pay 
for electricity from the power company.

It is your choice
--   to keep paying rent for energy for the rest of your life or; own your own generating system; and save the bucks while at the same time be independent of the grid.

Implement simple features in your new home construction or remodeled home, and greatly reduce your need for electricity and gas, also increase comfort and efficiency.

DOWNLOAD this Information booklet download in MS Word format (about 1.5Mb) or view in HTML format (about 1Mb)

Sample worksheet showing a possible average system design.

Pictures and information displaying energy sytems and related accessories.

GRAPHS could represent your before and after electrical costs.


See what your  Church    could do with Solar (Son & Sun) power (in "MS Word" document format)

The Holo Pump  (a well pump with a big flow - about 2.5Mb)

HOAXES - there are many people who are trying to take your money and NEVER produce what they promise.  This link is to some of those.

Files of interest for downloading.

Local service area includes

Arkansas Louisiana Mississippi Missouri Oklahoma Tennessee Texas

We will provide service where ever needed


April 2002
revised: September 2003
revised January 2004 (for new website)
revised March 2004
revised April 2004
revised July 2004
revised August 2004
revised May 2005
revised September 2005

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